Name: Aoi… known as Su or Fucker
Age: 20
B-Day: 14.07.1988
Haircolour: black
Eyecolour: dark brown
Piercings: bottom lip right & mid, tongue, ears, plug right ear
Style: léger & elegant
Perfume: Davidoff Cool Water
Addicted to: nicotine, caffeine, music, Kouyou
Status: relationship since 2 years
Possession of: Kouyou
Cosplays: Aoi

cosplay, sleeping, smoking, f******, grinning, being a charming asshole, shopping
Music: GazettE, Rammstein, Placebo, Nine Inch Nails, Disturbed, D’Espairs Ray, Dir en Grey, MSI, Peter Heppner, Korn, AFI
Songs: Hyena, Nausea&Shudder, Cassis, Bathroom, DLN, Guren, Social Riot Machines, Kantou dogeza kumiai, Shadow VI II I, Spieluhr, Nebel, Rein Raus, Bück dich, Eifersucht, Du riechts so gut, Let me see you stripped, Closer, Head like a Hole, Starfuckers Inc, Meaning of Life, Kaleidoscope, SixtyNine, Kamikaze, Squall, Amber, Cage, Kudou, Shut me up, Once in a lifetime, Die Flut, Gold, Twisted Transistor, Good God, Prelude
Jewellery: rings, piercings, necklaces
Clothes: coats, shirts, belts
Traits: sense of humor, happiness, reserved, intelligent, spontaneous, honest, smokers, one special bitch
Books: Das Trapez, Mein Leben unter Serienkillern, gay books
Movies: 300, Apocalypto, Sleepers, American Psycho, Virgin Diaries, Die weiße Lilie
Drinks: Whisky, caramel frappuccino light, coke zero, water, V+ Apple, Cider&Black
Boom: cosplay! Aoi
Likes generally: pretty people and aesthetics, JPS cigarettes, watching youtube vids (especially gazette), roleplay, Kouyou

HipHop, R’n’B and all of that shit
Songs: countless
Clothes: neon colours, saggy clothes, anything overdressed
Traits: dishonesty, too much bitchyness, being annoying, bad moods generally
Drinks: coffee with loads of sugar
Dislikes generally: fat people, non-smokers, feet, dirt, the ocean and everything in it

Life sucks – so lie back and enjoy your blowjob.