Name: Uruha… known as Uru or Kyo
Age: 21
B-Day: 22.06.1987
Haircolour: light brown with blonde highlights
Eyecolour: hazel
Piercings: 2 left ear (soon five), 2 right ear (soon four)
Style: elegant & sexy
Perfume: Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue
Addicted to: music, caffeine, Yuu
Status: relationship since 2 years
Possession of: Yuu
Cosplays: Uruha

cosplay, sleeping, smoking, f******, being bitchy, playing guitar
Music: GazettE, D’Espairs Ray, Vidoll, Dir en Grey, Nightwish, Korn, AFI, MSI, Disturbed
Songs: Wakaremichi, Cassis, Bathroom, Agony, Zetsu, Social Riot Machines, Swallowtail on the Death Valley, Burial Applicant, Reddish, SixtyNine, Squall, Chocoripeyes, Deathmate, Boku Boku, Orihime, Child Prey, Cage, Dark Chest of Wonders, Beauty of the Beast, 10th Man Down, Creek Mary’s Blood, Liar, Twisted Transistor, Coming Undone, Summer Shudder, Killing Lights, Prelude, Shut me up, Faggots, Meaning of Life, 10.000 Fists
Jewellery: rings and bracelets
Clothes: vests, muscleshirts, boots
Traits: honesty, good manners, politeness, reserved people
Books: The Neverending Story, Sakrileg, Die Päpstin, Die Geisha
Movies: 300, Big Fish, Virgin Diaries, Pacte de Loups, Die Blechtrommel
Drinks: caramel frappuccino extra cream, Wodka Red Bull, Cider&Black, orange juice
Boom: cosplay! Uruha
Likes generally: being prettier than others, scuba diving, collecting jewellery, Great Britain – though it doesn’t like me, my VW Golf 5 Gaze-Style, my Fender Classic Design Acoustic, Yuu


HipHop, R’n’B and all of that shit
Songs: countless
Clothes: skater style
Traits: dishonesty, being annoying, being childish
Drinks: Whisky – makes me puke, anything with light or zero
Dislikes generally: other bitches, chewing gum, hills, manual cars, smelly people

I don’t exercise – if god had wanted me to bend down he would have put diamonds on the floor.